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Customer demands for fast deliveries and lower costs, together with increasingly stringent government regulations, create many challenges for food companies. MAXFood can help you respond quickly to customer trends and comply with changing regulations. With the right system in place, you can improve operations, get better visibility into the supply chain, and increase your competitiveness.
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The food manufacturing and distribution industries face a variety of unique business challenges uncommon to most organizations. From constantly changing customer demand, increasing competition, and stringent government regulations, food companies must be able to anticipate and adapt to change in order to stay competitive. And, in a slow economy, these companies must improve operations and reduce costs while maintaining product safety.

However, many food companies prefer to “stay the course” with their current software systems rather than endure the changes involved in a upgrade. Using entry level food software, these companies are limiting their ability to achieve yearly business goals.

Now is the time to move to a more robust, familiar, cost-effective ERP solution. Learn about the unique business challenges a new software system can help you overcome in order to sustain profitability and growth:

Food Manufacturing Business Challenges
Food manufacturers produce a wide range of products worldwide, and the market is volatile. Consumer demands change rapidly, and new health and specialty niches are making the market more complex. Some demands are long-term—such as continual demand for lower prices, stricter safety requirements, and more detailed labeling. Others are short-term—such as demand for current popular flavors or new packaging or ingredients. The current rapid pace of changing demands presents major challenges to food manufacturers.

Food Distribution Business Challenges
When you're in the food distribution industry, your business is defined by strict compliance standards, low profit margins, intense competition, and high customer-service expectations. How effectively you meet these challenges can determine whether or not your company is successful. To succeed, you need fast and effective ordering processes to ensure customer needs are understood and addressed quickly. You also need flexibility to respond to customer demands and market trends.

Is your challenge unique to your business? If so, contact Merit Solutions today at 630-614-7133 to find out how MAXFood can help your organization successfully mitigate your pains. 

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